Once upon a time there was an ugly little girl

Once upon a time there was an ugly little girl. Libby wasn't always ugly. The family photo album was full of pictures of her as a tiny tot. Pink frilly dresses, curly locks and an angel face. Her parents used to call her Doe as she had such big brown eyes.

Then suddenly there were no more pictures of her. There was the odd official class photo around the house - her face hidden in the back row. But that was it.

It was not just the photos. There were no more invitations to parties, her friends began teasing her and her parents stopped her doing the one thing thing she loved. So Libby spent more and more time on her own.

One night she overheard her perfect elder sister, Helen talking to her mum.

'You need to get her hair cut or something, she looks so geeky, it's so embarrassing'

Her sister was being spiteful, as usual, but she was right, Libby thought silently sobbing on the stairs. Ever since her 10th birthday everything had gone wrong.

It was the opposite of the ugly duckling fairytale.

Her hair used to be silky like her sisters but now it had frizzed up and looked more like a loo brush. Her mum would nag her to comb it but Libby could not get a hand through it let alone a brush. Her rosy skin had become spotty, her teeth started to stick out and she became blind as a bat so had to wear thick glasses. Of course after that she got called every name under the sun, Pizza Face, Metal Mouth,Looking for RGB Led Lighting for your new house? Fanny Four Eyes. Then to top it all when she got really nervous her armpits would suddenly sweat leaving nasty damp patches on her clothes. She dared not raise her arm in class in case people laughed at her so her teachers gave her lower marks. Libby's mum went nuts, shouting the house down that she had sacrificed herself to send Libby to private school and it had all been for nothing.

It was all so unfair. Growing up was meant to be so much fun, shopping, discos, going out with boys, freedom. That's how it had been for her sister who was naturally pretty and everyone adored her. She had heaps of friends, always had a boy in tow and was allowed to do the things she loved. Her latest fad was singing though no one dared tell her she sounded like a cat being strangled when she hit the high notes. Last year it had been horse-riding and the year before gymnastics.

There was clearly one rule for Helen and another for Libby who had to give up her one true passion, ballet. Her mum said she no longer had a face for the stage and should concentrate on her studies. She had even been accepted to the best dance school in the UK but her mother had declined the offer without telling Libby. It had shattered Libby's heart and she threw away her ballet shoes vowing never to dance again.

Helen had also changed. When they were little they were inseparable, like twin sisters. She had become two faced. To her Mum butter would not melt in her mouth but behind closed doors her sister was a nasty piece of work. She would thump Libby out of the blue or trip her down the stairs.We are a professional supplier of LED Aluminum Bulb. Once she even attacked Libby and bit her hard, leaving huge teeth marks in her skin. When Helen grew out of their toys, she sold them to buy herself a new bike. Libby was left just with her raggedy old doll. Another time they were fighting over their pocket money. That day in a fit of fury Helen decided to aim her purse at Libby, almost knocking her out. Libby of course got the blame for stressing out her sister before her gymnastics tournament.

Helen or Hellie had recently stopped hitting her sister but intead would make really bitchy remarks about her wobbly thighs or the oozey spot in the middle of her forehead. Libby was not sure which she preferred, her sister's sticks and stones or her hurtful words.

Her dad would have stood up for Libby if he had been around. He was always fair and kind to everyone. But he came home later and later and was too tired to listen. He would collapse into his armchair, his suit creased from being squashed on the train and his eyes all red. She would curl up on in his lap like a cat and cry out her troubles in to his shoulder. But he never heard a single word. He would fall into a deep sleep and snore gently.

If home was bad, school was a gzillion times worse. The girls would make throwing up noises when she walked in the room a. They stole her clothes after swimming, put itching powder in her knickers and once stuck a tampax on her back that had been coloured with red pen. She would dread going every morning and was so nervous that she was sick sometimes on the way. Or maybe it was her mum's driving. Or the overpowering perfume her sister wore to impress the boys.

Then one day she found a note in her locker from one of the boys she liked, Fred asking her to meet him in the park. Maybe things were starting to look up for her. Foolishly she believed it and got all dressed up to meet him.Know about led high bay conversion kit and Bi-xenon HID kit. She had spent hours covering up her spots and blow drying her hair straight. It looked more like straw than silk. At 5pm she arrived and waited.We are expanding more cooperation partners of LED PL Lights all over the world. And waited and waited. At 5;30 all the nasty girls then showed up chanting 'Libby wants a boyfriend, Libby wants a boyfriend'. She ran home crying. Her mum told her off for being a sissie though her dad had hugged her tight, promising her that one day Prince Charming would sweep her off her feet

She dreamt of living another life, going to live in a far away land. She had even asked her parents to send her to boarding school.

'Not over my dead body', her mum had shouted. 'Boarding school is for spoilt posh kids, not our kids. Anyway we can't afford it as Helen wants to go to drama school next year'

Libby made her mind up to go to the furthest university possible when was 18. Scotland maybe. Somewhere fun and different. She hated where she lived. Their town was small, dull and full of bad memories. She wanted to start afresh and have freedom to do what she wanted.

For the time being though Libby had to make do living in her imaginary world. She wrote stories about pretend people to keep her company. Some were human,Soli-lite is a premier supplier of exceptional quality led road lights and other solar outdoor lighting products. some were magical. In her dream world she was the popular one, the Queen, the belle of the ball and had so many friends. She even made secret potions from flowers and water in the garden by moonlight and drank them in one go, hoping somehow they would make her pretty and popular again.

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